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Your Job us Our Job!


Together we will get your there!

​Whether you are looking for your first job or looking to get back into the workforce we understand it can be an intimidating process. We are here to help you every step of the way...

  1. Figure out the type of job you want

  2. Get the skills and training required

  3. Research Available Jobs

  4. Create a Resume

  5. Create a Cover Letter

  6. Prepare for the Interview

  7. Preparing for your First Day

  8. What Funding is Available


The Youth Employment Fund is part of the Ontario government's Youth Jobs Strategy, which is helping 30,000 young people across the province get work experience, start a business or build job skills.


For Youth

If you are unemployed, not in school full-time and between 15 and 29, Ontario will do more to help you connect with employers and get a job placement of four to six months.

We will provide incentives to employers to help cover the cost of wages and training for new hires and help youth cover costs like transportation or tools required for the job.

Job placements will provide more opportunities for youth to build skills and confidence get valuable work experience and connect with employers.


Who is Eligible?

You may be eligible if you are:

  • between 15 and 29 years of age

  • unemployed

  • not attending school full-time and

  • Resident of Ontario.


We will make special effort to help youth facing barriers to work, including:

  • Youth on social assistance

  • Aboriginal youth

  • Youth with a disability

  • Youth with a poor history of educational attainment or employability

  • Youth in communities with high youth unemployment.


How to apply

The Ontario Youth Employment Fund is now available through Employment Ontario's Employment Service network. 

The Employment Service will assess your skills, education, work experience and interests to help find a suitable program or job placement and decide together how you can achieve your goals.


What support will I receive?

Support will be flexible and tailored to your needs — a combination of training, employment and individual help.

If needed, you may receive up to $1,000 to cover costs like transportation to work and tools for the job.

The employer providing your placement may receive an incentive to help cover the cost of wages and training.

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