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Employer Services

At Crossroads we offer a variety of free HR services to help you attract and retain the best talent. 

We Can Help You Save $$ on Hiring & Training by:

  • Creating and advertising your job postings

  • Finding and pre-screening applicants

  • Assisting in the interview process

  • Educating and pre-training your staff

  • Sourcing out funding opportunities

  • Providing a space to conduct meetings

  • And more...​​

Job Matching, Placements & Incentives (JMPI):

Hiring time and costs are often the biggest obstacles when it comes to finding the right employees. We can help match your job opportunities with qualified candidates and build successful working relationships. Employers may also take advantage of our training incentives to support on-the-job training opportunities.






Wage-Subsidized Training Incentive Eligibility:

  • Provide relevant on-the-job work experience to assist eligible candidate in achieving his/her employment goal 

  • Show potential for a full-time permanent employment opportunity

  • A current business license to operate in Ontario and a CRA business number

  • Compliance with all applicable legislation including:

    • Occupational Health and Safety Act

    • Human Rights Legislation

    • Employment Standards Act

    • Freedom of Information and

    • Protection of Privacy legislation

  • ​Provide WSIB or alternative Employee Safety Insurance and 3rd Party Liability Insurance

  • Ensure the program is not being used to replace existing or laid-off employees

  • Provide adequate supervision and a safe working environment

  • Place the employee on the business payroll

  • Provide the same terms, conditions and benefits as for all regular employees


Prepare for the Future and invest in our Youth! 

As many tradespeople are nearing retirement, it is good to be prepared. By hiring an apprentice, your business becomes eligible for various tax credits, grants and bonuses, not to mention you can mold the new staff to ensure they are a good fit for your company. A $2000 Apprenticeship Employer Signing Bonus (AESB) is available to sponsors who train as part our JMPI program.


Crossroads as well as Contact North provide unlimited free access to hundreds of courses that are available to your new and existing staff. Many of the courses can be completed online or by using our resource rooms. Courses available cover various categories including but not limited to accessibility, health and safety, leadership, human resources and customer service. Contact us today for a full list of courses available. We can also help plan and acquire funding for custom training programs for your staff ie: drivers licensing, first aid, smart serve, safe food handler course, etc so your staff do not have to leave the community.

All our programs are funded by Provincial and Federal governments, and delivered to you free of cost. Come in anytime to discuss your staffing & training needs.

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