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Hire an Apprentice

Hiring an apprentice can give you a competive advantage and show your community that your business understands the value of hiring trained and certified professionals.  


TOP 5 REASONS you should consider hiring an apprentice

  • Financial: By hiring an apprentice, employers become eligible for numerous different tax credits, grants and bonuses. For instance, the Ontario government provides the Apprenticeship Training Tax Credit to qualifying businesses that hire apprentices in certain skilled trades; an Employer Signing Bonus to sponsors who register new apprentices in sectors in which skilled workers are in high demand; and an Employer Completion Bonus to sponsors whose apprentices complete their programs.

  • Loyal employees: Apprenticeship programs help create some of the most loyal employees. A 2010 Canadian Apprenticeship forum report shows that apprentices felt more loyalty to employers who supported and eventually hired them. (Source: “The challenge of finding an employer-sponsor”).

  • Prepare for the future: To create or maintain a successful business, it is important to consider your future needs. The average age of a tradesperson today is 55 years old, which means some of those workers are nearing retirement. Hiring and training an apprentice now will have you prepared for when that time comes.

  • Your business, your training: By training an apprentice to the College’s training standards and best practises, you can mould them to ensure they are a good fit for your company’s needs and culture. This means they are not only learning the necessary skills of the trades, but also those specialized skills that are unique to your particular business.

  • Hire the best: Local colleges, high schools and training programs can help you track down the best talent and match you with the most qualified apprentice candidate.

Contact your nearest Employment Ontario office to learn how you can hire and sponsor an apprentice today

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