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Youth Job Link (YJL)

The Youth Job Link  program is designed for individuals aged 15 to 29 years, who can benefit from some extra help when it comes to planning their careers and entering the labour market for the first time. We help young people search for jobs,  prepare resumes,  as well as offer free access to our resource information centre. Best of all youth can get up to $300 to cover work-related expenses such as work boots or work uniforms. 


Here is an overview of what the YJL program offers. From career planning to skills training and accessing job opportunities through our established local network, we are here to help in any way we can.


For Youth:

  ~ Financial support to help cover work-related expenses

  ~ One-on-one job coaching

  ~ Job matching services

  ~ Career exploration 

  ~ Career management 

  ~ Education and work transition support

For Employers:

~ Job postings

~ Pre-screening and referral of potential candidates

~ Job matching services

~ Access to a pool of available students

~ Incentives may be available to offset hiring-related costs

Financial Incentives:

  • Up to $300 is available per participant, for a combination of Individual-focused Employment Supports and Employer Incentives.

  • Up to $600 is available in addition to the $300 maximum for employment supports for youth with disabilities for assisted devices and/or adaptive technologies

  • Individual-focused Employment Supports can be used to offset work-related costs such as transportation, work clothing and equipment.

  • Employer Incentives such as the EYTI  is also available which was introduced to help small businesses hire and retain young people

Eligibility for Youth

  • between the ages of 15-29

  • residing in Ontario and eligible to work in Canada

  • have no meaningful previous working experience, meaning the youth has not held a job where they were put on an employers payroll and received wages, for more than one week

Eligibility for Employers

  • licenced to operate in Ontario 

  • comply with Occupational Health and Safety Act and Employment Standards Act

  • maintain appropriate WSIB or private workplace safety insurance coverage

  • comply with all applicable federal and provincial human rights legislation and regulation

  • must not be a federal, provincial or municipal government and/or agency

  • must not be a designated broader public sector organization as defined by the Broader Public Sector Accountability Act

  • youth must not be an immediate relative of the person hiring the individual

For more information or to book an appointment, please contact:

Jody Waldock, Program Manager

Crossroads Employment Services

Tel: 934 - 6203


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