Second Career

Second Career is an Ontario government program that gives individuals, who have been laid off, financial support to help get the training or education needed to secure a new job that is in high demand. 

What Second Career Gives You

You can get new skills – those needed for jobs in demand now – and financial support when you qualify for Second Career.

Apply for up to $28,000 for costs including:

  • tuition

  • workbooks, safety equipment or other instructional costs

  • transportation

  • basic living allowance 

  • child care

How You Qualify

As a start, you qualify for Second Career when:

  • you were laid off due to shortage of work or left due to medical conditions

  • you are unemployed, working less than 20 hours per week or on severance pay

  • you are a resident of Ontario

  • you are a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident legally authorized to work in Canada

  • you have demonstrated occupational demand for the training requested with evidence of good employment prospects locally or within Ontario

If you’re receiving Employment Insurance (EI), or have in the past, you can still apply.

When preparing your application, you also have to show:

  • how long you have been unemployed, or working your temporary job, and looking for work

  • places you have applied and positions you have applied for (e.g. cover letters, CV and responses from potential employers)

  • what level of education you reached

  • where you worked before, for how long and what skills you needed for that work

  • what skills you want to get and where you can get trained in them

  • information showing the skills and job you want to train for are in demand

What you pay into Second Career

When you apply to Second Career, you have to show the costs to be covered during training.

You may have to pay part of these costs yourself. The amount you’ll have to pay is based on several things, starting with your gross (before tax) household income.

Applying to Second Career

To apply to Second Career, you’ll work with an employment services agency, where people are trained to help you decide if this program is right for you – and, if it is, to complete your application.

For more information or to book an appointment, please contact:

Jody Waldock, Program Manager

Crossroads Employment Services

Tel: 934 - 6203